Grand Travel Worldwide Presents Charming Budapest

Grand Travel Worldwide visited Budapest, the Capital of Hungary. The city serves as the centre of political, economical and cultural activity. The city dates back to the pre-Roman era and is now considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Featuring an array of amazing natural and artificial attractions, Budapest will be one vacation you will not forget.
Grand Travel Worldwide highly recommends starting your tour of this city with a visit the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum is located in City Park and features an exciting range of art from many different regions and eras, especially Europe. There are over 3000 paintings displayed here, making it one of the finest collections in the world. Yet another must-see museum is the Historical Museum of Budapest. The museum features three major attractions: The Aquincum Museum, the Castle Museum and the Kiscell Museum. Some of the major exhibits displayed here include the Golden Lion Pharmacy exhibition, the gothic sculptures from the Royal Palace and the Baroque sculpture hall.
Grand Travel Worldwide has some excellent suggestions for a family outing. You should try out the Budapest Zoo. The zoo features a wide range of exotic animals from different species. In addition, the zoo has a special breeding and conservation program in place. If you do visit the zoo, keep an eye out for endangered species and the education tours and demonstrations. Yet another fine family attraction is the Budapest City Circus, which features wild animals, amazing acrobats and spectacular shows. The main shows are performed from January to August but you will find addition shows throughout the year. Don’t’ forget to visit the House of Hungarian Wines. Here you can enjoy unlimited sampling from over 700 wines for a two-hour period.
Grand Travel Worldwide cannot stress enough on the charm of Budapest. Every part of the city has something amazing to offer. For everything from romance to a wholesome family vacation, Budapest has it all.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Visits Wonderful Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and is located on the Vistula River. The city suffered extensive damage during the Second World War but has since then been completely rebuilt, earning the nickname “phoenix city: The city has been through various trials under various governments but in the process it has developed a vibrant culture and a proud history. The sights and sounds of Poland will definitely make a memorable vacation.
Grand Travel Worldwide  recommends starting your tour with a visit to some of the wonderful museums and galleries in Warsaw. You should certainly start with the National Museum, which features a fine set of exhibits from ancient era to the modern era. The largest private collection of art, on the other hand, can be found in the Carroll Proczynski Collection Museum. This museum features the works of great artists including Constable, Goya, Rubensand Van Gough.  Amongst the many unique museums in found in the city are the Museum of Posters and the Railway Museum, so try your level best to explore the city.
Grand Travel Worldwide suggests visiting the magnificent public park, which dates back to the late 17th century. The gardens are breath taking and the winding trails and serene atmosphere, offer a viable alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city. To enhance any family vacation, Grand Travel Worldwide  highly recommends gong to the zoo. The Warsaw zoo is home to variety of exotic animals and over 500 unique species from all over the world. The zoo dates back to the 17th century and now features a wide variety of programs including a captive breeding program and educational tours.
Grand Travel Worldwide  cannot stress enough the vibrant nightlife of Warsaw, complete with music, theatre, comedy and other cultural events. Clubs like the Obiekt Znaleziony and Harlm, cater to different crowds and offer everything from poetry to hip-pop, so you will literally find a ton of things to do at night. Warsaw is all about exploration and you are bound to find something new at every corner, so if you are ready for an adventure then Warsaw is your city!

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Grand Travel Worldwide Members Explore Missouri Botanical Garden: An Oasis in St Louis

As is the case with most major American cities, St Louis, Missouri, underwent rapid industrialization over the course of the twentieth century remark the members of Grand Travel Worldwide. However, unlike many of these cities, St Louis also managed to preserve a large amount of its natural parkland: today, it is home to just under three million people, yet it houses a staggering total of 105 open parks. These include Forrest Park, which is one of the world’s largest urban parks and is even larger than New York’s Central Park; the Saint Louis Zoological Park; and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, a 91 acre national park situated on the riverfront along which the city was first established in 1764. However, the most interesting and perhaps the most widely applauded of St Louis’ many parks is the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Grand Travel Worldwide  says that one of the oldest of its kind in the United States, the Missouri Botanical Gardens is a National Historic Landmark and has continued to live up to its mission statement – “To discover and share knowledge about plants and their environment, in order to preserve and enrich life,” – since its inception in 1859. Founded by Henry Shaw, a nineteenth century botanist and philanthropist from Sheffield, England, it is often affectionately known as ‘Shaw’s Garden’, and is today one of the leading botanical research sites in the world. When Shaw built his estate, the Tower Grove House, in 1851, he saw the great potential of turning the grounds surrounding his estate into a botanical garden, and spent years planning and funding its development.

Now stretching over 79 acres, its horticultural exhibits have been constantly updated since its initial creation. In 1882, Linnean House, which is thought to be the oldest continually operated greenhouse west of the Mississippi River, was added. This century more additions have been made: in 1915, the Gladney Rose Garden became a new feature; in 1977, ‘Seiwa-en’, the largest Japanese Garden in North America, was established. This was joined in 1995 by the Grigg Nanjing Friendship Chinese Garden, designed by architect Yong Pan and characterised by gifts from the Chinese city of Nanjing, St Louis’ sister city.

In recent years, the gardens have played host to a diverse cross-section of events: these include Chinese Culture Days in May, the Japanese Festival on Labour Day weekend and the Best of Missouri Market, which features more than 120 food producers and craftsmen from all corners of the state. These annual events have helped put the Missouri Botanical Garden on the map of essential places to visit in St Louis, and every year more than three quarters of a million people flock to view its beautiful sights. However, when marveling at the beauty of the Missouri Botanical Garden, it is always important to keep in mind the importance of its “unseen garden”, the internationally recognized research infrastructure that has been the key to its survival all these years remark the members of Grand Travel Worldwide.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Discuss Why Saint Augustine, Florida Such A Great Place To Visit

Grand Travel Worldwide members ask are you ready to get away to a place where life is simple and easy, yet there is plenty to do? Saint Augustine Florida combines the best of all worlds with its blend of beach, history and culture in addition to great hotels, world-class food and fun attractions.

Founded by the Spaniards in 1565, Saint Augustine is the nation’s oldest city with rich history steeped in stories of pirates, explorers and business tycoons. There is no shortage of amusements and attractions from the Old Jail and the Castillo de San Marcos to the cobblestone shopping Mecca of St. George Street. Trolleys, trains and horse-drawn carriages transport tourists throughout the city, telling fascinating stories along the way.

The evening sky is illuminated by the pirate ship that sails around the bay complete with sword fighting pirates shouting “arrgh!” A must-see is the Old Jail and if “Miss Ruby” is available, be sure to catch her tour there. A Saint Augustine icon, you’ll find her tour an absolute delight filled with information, entertainment and humor.

Discovered by Ponce de Leon, the Fountain of Youth is just up the road from the Old Jail. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the breathtakingly beautiful white Peacocks while you are there remind the members of Grand Travel Worldwide. The scenic harbor cruise past the city and dolphins playing in the bay provides a more tranquil experience. If you want to slow down even more there are eco-friendly kayak tours of the bay.

Flagler College, formerly the Ponce de Leon Hotel houses a million-dollar collection of glass created by Louis Tiffany and the original wiring was put in by Thomas Edison. There are several upscale restaurants from the Old City House and 95 Cordova to the more casual Harry’s on the bay. The beach located just across the Bridge of Lions is home to great Seafood Restaurants like Cafe Atlantico and Barnacle Bills. Enjoy your sunset with a glass of wine at the winery and nightlife heats up on St. George Street while Ghost Tours abound. You’ll find accommodations from the Hilton on the bay and the historic Casa Monica downtown to the House of Sea and Sun Bed and Breakfast on the beach. You can actually relax and soak in the old claw foot bathtub at the House of Sea and Sun while watching the waves break on the shore from your window. It’s quite an experience and to top it off they are extremely welcoming and pet-friendly.

Whatever your tastes or desires, you are sure to have a memorable family-friendly vacation in amazing Saint Augustine, Florida remark the members of Grand Travel Worldwide.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Visits El Arco in Cabo San Lucas

Grand Travel Worldwide invites tourists visiting Cabo San Lucas to go explore the incredible rock formation known as El Arco or The Arch. El Arco has always been one of Cabos most famous tourist attractions. Tourists can take a peaceful ride in a water taxi or even a jet ski to go see it. Shaped like an arch, it is located at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas. This location is commonly referred to as Lands End. It is where the Pacific Ocean meets the sea of Cortez. Tourists can enjoy the marine life all over the area. Families of sea lions bask in the sun on rocks near El Arco. It is the setting for many water activities.

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends that travelers visit the sun soaked Lovers Beach situated next to it. El Arco is a wonder of nature that was formed after massive erosion. Tourists from all over the world will appreciate the excitement and breathtaking natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas. Grand Travel Worldwide knows that nature lovers will have a spectacular vacation in Cabo.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Shares Some Tips for Winter Travel

Grand Travel Worldwide always looks out for the best interests of its valued members. This luxury vacation provider has the goal of providing its members with the best vacationsever. In an effort to do so, Grand Travel Worldwide is providing members with some tips for winter travel.

When flying, the first tip is to arrive at the airport at least one and a half hours early. This provides plenty of time to get checked in and make it throughthe security checkpoint. Airports are busiest on the weekends and holidays. With this in mind, arriving earlier will reduce the stress of making it to the flight gate on time.

With the extra time achieved by being early, it may be a good time to get some work done online. However, this is a public Wi-Fi, and therefore not entirely secure. In addition, travelers are in a crowd and do not know who could be looking over their shoulder. Refrain from using sensitive information online in any public place. Avoid checking a bank account and do not make purchases that could expose credit card information and other sensitive data.

Grand Travel Worldwide wants all travelers to arrive at their destinations in a timely manner and without the added headache of losing sensitive data. To find out what other benefits a membership at this amazing vacationclub has to offer, interested travelers should contact Grand Travel Worldwide for information today.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Enjoy The Fun Filled Interactive Aquarium Of Cancun

Grand Travel Worldwide members say that not everyone can say that they have swum and played side by side with the friendly dolphins but you sure can when you enjoy a holiday in Cancan. It sure is an amazing experience that you would not want to miss while in Cancan. La Isla is the most popular mall in Cancan where tourists can enjoy the Interactive Aquarium of Cancun in the company of unique marine species and friendly dolphins. You end up enjoying an unforgettable experience with the friendly dolphins, while swimming, petting, interacting and learning about their amazing abilities. A visit to this beautiful interactive aquarium in Cancun guarantees a day full of fun and entertainment for your whole family.

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends the party lovers to enjoy a Party Hopper Tour in Cancun and enjoy an escorted tour of the top party sport of Cancun in one night and save the money that you had to pay to each of the three hot spot clubs if you visited them by yourself. Tourists end up enjoying the essence of Cancan’s lively nights and through the Party Hopper Tour they will get to enjoy the exciting atmosphere in the most thrilling beach destinations.

Grand Travel Worldwide welcomes the family vacationers to enjoy the Wet’n Wild, Water Park of Cancun located in the Hotel Zone area. It has an extension of 18 acres and offers an array of attractions for tourist of all age groups. This is one place in Cancun when your whole family can enjoy an entire day of entertainment and unlimited excitement surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and beautiful and secluded beaches. Family vacationers love to sail on its lazy river, dare to enjoy the thrilling ride at the Kamikaza and slide down its exciting water slides right into its wave pool.

Grand Travel Worldwide knows that your family vacation in Cancun will turn a delightful experience with all the fun, filled activities and recreational facilities to enjoy there.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Advises About American and English Expatriates in Costa Rica

Grand Travel Worldwide says that if you plan to spend a lot of time in Costa Rica and you are not fluent in Spanish it might be a good idea to look up some local expatriates, or expats, in the area. These are individuals that are from another country, possibly yours, but have chosen to settle in Costa Rica. Given the right information sources, it will be easy to find expats and tourists from all over the world arriving here at Costa Rica at all times of the year.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in Costa Rica you will find a lot of opportunities for getting the most mileage out of your travel experience. People are not only welcoming and friendly towards foreigners, but also many are well-educated and speak at least two languages – usually Spanish and English. In addition, due to the high concentration of expats that decided to make this country their second home, you can easily find people fluent in other international languages, such as German, French, Portuguese or Dutch.

An important source of information about the schedule of various expats meetings is easily dug up on the site Here, you can find not only general information about what the expats can do in their spare time, but also find dedicated groups to those interested in the local cuisine, book reading, local art or any other culturally influenced activity that you might find entertaining

Another great place where you can usually find expats, or even just those on travel visas well acquainted with the area, is in the English bookstores and coffee bars. Here, you can also read ads and find local and international publications in English where various events for English-speakers are advertised.

Grand Travel Worldwide know that it is important that you keep good notes and always keep a sound schedule. A short talk with any employee of a Resort will help you to have a bigger picture of what you can expect from Costa Rica.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Recommends a Visit to the famous Movie Set “Chupaderos” in Durango, Mexico

Grand Travel Worldwide knows that travelers enjoy visiting new and surprising places. That’s why this time they recommend tourists to visit “Chupaderos”, a movie set in the colonial city of Durango, Mexico.

“Chupaderos” is a Wild West movie set where famous actors like John Wayne, Robert Wagner and Jorge Russek filmed movies. Over 160 movies have been filmed here. When you walk its streets it is like being transported back to the 60′s, you can relive the American Wild West of sheriffs, apaches and cowboys.

The movie set is located 14Km from the city, you can use your own car to get there or take “Chupaderos” transportation in downtown. “Chupaderos” is known as the Movieland, even in Hollywood it is referenced this way, and has served not only as the movie set but also for commercials and video clips.

Grand Travel Worldwide invites you to visit this interesting location on your next vacation, to enjoy a place where great actors like Sean Connery, Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner, Paul Newman, etc. have made cinema history. Nowadays the movie set “Chupaderos” presents shows every weekend, guided tours and live performances of scenes from Wild West movies.

For more information about the movie set “Chupaderos”, visit

Stay tuned for more of our tour of Mexico on future blog posts…

Grand Travel Worldwide is a leader in the travel industry and makes every effort possible to fulfill each member’s wishes. They assist members in planning a vacation to a specific destination or help them to decide where to get away to. For more information about how to join this incredible travel club visit or call 888-954-7833.

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Grand Travel Worldwide Visits the Space Needle Restaurant at Seattle

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends checking out Seattle’s premier tourist attractions when you plan a vacation, as no other destination in the word offers you such a diverse mix of vibrant attractions that satisfies all interests. There sure is no end to the fun and enjoyment that you can have in the city of Seattle, from the magnificent view from the observatory deck of the Space Needle to the thrills of the Orca’s in the bay.

Grand Travel Worldwide suggests that you begin exploring Seattle from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which gives you the inside story and great information on the state of Washington. You also get the chance to check out the state of the art exhibits which vary from subjects such as fossils to state wildlife.

Grand Travel Worldwide recommends nature-loving tourists enjoy as much as possible of the beautiful activities offered at Puget Sound. Tourists can breathe in the refreshing, clean marine air while watching whales and enjoying extraordinary experiences at the great zoos that give you the insight to the behavioral patterns of all the wildlife living in its natural habitat. Visitors can also enjoy both land and sea wonders by spending a day exploring Seattle’s famous Aquariums or enjoy an exciting tour of the city. The Seattle Aquarium offers you many interactive activities that really end up becoming great learning experiences for children and adults. Children will love to visit and enjoy the playful otters and tour the other award winning exhibits and meet the creatures that live there. Another hot spot is the Life on the Edge exhibits, where tourists get to enjoy Washington’s outer coast and Seattle’s inland seas.

Grand Travel Worldwide members know that a tour of the Underground City of Seattle is a must for tourists who want to enjoy the past and present of Seattle, the tour takes about one hour.  Visitors who want to enjoy the thrill of their life will love to be part of the Whale watching safaris and create life long memories to cherish of their visit to the Emerald City.

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